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Seriously creepy and deeply unnerving, Head Trauma explores the uncomfortable notion that just because a person may be paranoid, doesn't necessarily mean that someone - or something - is not actually out to get them. In this engrossing horror chiller, drifter George Walker returns after many years to stake a claim on his deceased grandmother's abandoned house. Struggling to build some semblance of a normal life for himself, George tries to clean up the place by day. But his nights are uneasy and plagued by troubling visions of a mysterious hooded figure. Despite his best efforts, things grow worse as the house is condemned and his nightmares refuse to remain in the dark.

And this is where "CURSED the HEAD TRAUMA music project" begins, right at the point where George's nightmares cross over into his reality. Features music from Bardo Pond, Dr. Dog, The Capitol Years, National Eye, Brian McTear & Bitter Bitter Weeks, Steve Garvey (the Buzzcocks), Marshal Allen, Jamie Harrar, BC Camplight, The A-Sides, Awol One, Greg Weeks (Espers), and many more.

Reverse the curse - line up the soundtrack with the Head Trauma DVD for a special soundtrack experience.

Sync to this frame which is in the 6th chapter. 00:31:34





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