Sundance Program description:

A mysterious virus begins to affect the adults in a small rural town, and the youth soon find themselves cut off from civilization, fighting for their lives. How fast is the virus spreading? It is confirmed—the virus has hit Park City. Can you survive? Pandemic 1.0, a transmedia storytelling experience, unites film, mobile and online technologies, props, social gaming, and data visualization, enabling audiences to step into the shoes of the pandemic protagonists anytime during the day. Mission Control is the only way to learn where you stand in the face of the spreading pandemic.


A short film was positioned at the center of the experience.


Behind Pandemic 1.0 from Turnstyle News on Vimeo.

Pandemic Memorial Room Bonus from Turnstyle News on Vimeo.

Lance discuss Pandemic with Christine Vachon & Ted Hope.

Press Coverage!5748768/sundances-interactive-outbreak-movie

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